The Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House is a c. $50MM investment by Diageo Beer Company USA which will generate approximately 70 new jobs. The brewery do three things:

  1. It will brew Guinness Blonde American Lager for national sales in the USA and Canada
  2. It will brew exciting new beers at a small scale for on site sales, and hopefully for regional and national distribution
  3. It will be a world-class visitor center, featuring taprooms, food, merchandise and opportunities to tour the brewery and learn about the storied history of Guinness

The new brewery will not brew iconic Guinness stouts! These beers will continue to be brewed in Dublin and imported for sale across the USA.

The site for the new brewery is the historic Calvert distillery, over 60 acres of functioning and brownfield facilities just southwest of downtown Baltimore in Baltimore County.  The site has played an integral role in the local Maryland economy and community since 1933, and everyone at Diageo Beer Company USA is excited to continue and build upon this legacy. Aside from making world-class, top quality beer and hosting curious visitors, a big aim of this project is to help develop and grow the local economy and enrich the local community.


Please check back regularly for up-to-date news and developments