The First American Guinness Brewing System in 63 Years Arrives!

Today Peter Wiens, inaugural brewmaster of the Guinness Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House, took delivery of a 2 BBL brewing system at the site for the planned brewery near Baltimore, MD.  This brewing system, the first active Guinness brewhouse in the USA since 1954, is the smallest of the three planned systems for the new Guinness brewery (the others being a 10 hectoliter system being designed and built by DME Brewing Solutions and a 100 hectoliter system being designed and built by GEA).

The purpose of the brewery is to be a pilot and auxiliary brewhouse.  At first it will allow our brewers, Peter and head brewer Hollie Stephenson, to design and trial new recipes before the 10 HL and 100 HL systems are fully built out.  Once all three systems are up-and-running, it will continue to serve as a pilot system for new recipe trials and recipe and process improvements, as well as stepping in from time-to-time to brew extra small batches or if an extra keg or two is needed onsite or for a special event.  (Depending on the beer, the system will usually produce about three half-barrel kegs.)

Guinness has a long tradition in pilot brewing systems - we built our first one at St James's Gate 113 years ago in 1904 - and we're looking forward to brewing delicious beer on the latest one.

Chris McClellan