Barrels Have Been Filled With Beer

Guinness has a long and storied history of aging and maturing beer in wooden vessels.  After all, when Arthur Guinness founded his brewery in Ireland in 1759, the invention of stainless steel was over a century away.

Barrels close up.jpg

Especially because the Guinness Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House is situated on the site of the old Calvert distillery, originally Maryland Distilling Co, the first distillery opened in the state since Prohibition, our plan has always been to experiment with beer and barrels.

We took a big step forward this week when our brewers filled about 120 bourbon barrels with Antwerpen Stout brewed at St James’s Gate in Dublin.  Although lots of different distilled spirits have been aged in barrels on this site, this is the first time in its history beer has been put in wood here.

Peter & Hollie filling.jpg

Our brewers Peter, Hollie and Sean are excitedly planning for a bright future in barrel-aged beers, and this is just the beginning.  Which is just as well, because this batch won’t be ready to drink for several months. 

Barrels in the light.jpg

But as our 259 year history has taught us, good things come to those who wait.   

Lots of barrels.jpg